Hermès Exotics Collier De Chien Bracelets

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Ladies, you know what this is, it is Hermès’ signature fashion jewellery piece, the Collier de Chien (or CdC, for short), except this time the ones you see right here are the ones that come in the very precious exotic skins. You could say, the ones in croc and lizard skins are the finer, more elevated versions of the ones we typically see in leathers like Box and Epsom, and it’s precisely for this reason that they are highly sought after, and valued by ladies (and some men) who love a good CdC.

Available in a wide array of colours, they come in 3 different hardware finishes, namely Gold (GHW), Palladium (PHW) and Rose Gold (RGHW) with an assortment of sizes that will suit most wrists.

For the ones in exotic croc, it comes in matte or polished versions in favourite colours like Noir and Rose, while for the lizard skins, aside from the solid colours, the ombré versions are really luxe. While pieces in exotic skins aren’t as readily available as the ones in calfskin leather, checks have been done at the Hermès boutiques in Singapore and here are the pieces available and prices just for you.

There are the lizard skin pieces, including the ombre ones, and they are priced at SGD2050 each (there’s one available in ombré/RGHW over at Takashimaya Shopping Centre), while the ones in exotic croc are priced at SGD2900. As for the ones in calfskin leather? SGD1700, which also means it is well worth the price to pay slightly more for the ones in exotics.

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Hermès Imprévisible & Iona Bracelets

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hermes_imprevisible-iona-braceletsYou could say I’m biased, but I haven’t seen many bracelets from Hermès I didn’t like, and with these two new offerings, you could say how I feel about them in general remains status quo. Known as the Hermès Imprévisible (top) & Hermès Iona(bottom two) respectively, one’s a thick leather cuff topped with a palladium-plated clasp that’s decorated with the house’s signature Medor, otherwise simply known as the pyramid studs.

The Iona, on the other hand, is all leather with a tiny ball stud clasp, in a cut-out motif that’s a familiar sight at the French house. Priced at EUR650 for the Imprévisible andEUR238 for the Iona, you’ll hopefully be seeing these unisex bracelets in a variety of colours and sizes at a boutique near you soon enough. Before they’re all sold out, of course, which shouldn’t take so long given how gorgeous they are. I did say I was biased in the beginning, right?

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